Why the FDA needs to rethink the tooth whitening industry

Experts warn that the FDA has a moral obligation to change its policies to make dentists more transparent about their practices, but the agency seems to have fallen short.

In a letter to dentists, the FDA said it has received “hundreds of complaints” about whitening practices and that “no credible data” has been provided to substantiate the complaints.

It also warned that tooth whiteners are not recommended for use in patients who have been diagnosed with cavities.

“The FDA is aware of several credible complaints and has reviewed the available data on the effectiveness of whitening toothpastes in improving oral health in a large number of individuals with cavies,” the letter says.

“This is not the case with dental whitening products, which do not address the underlying causes of cavities.”

In addition to whitening the teeth, the toothpaste is supposed to help remove plaque and remove tartar that can cause dental issues.

Experts say the toothpaste is safe, effective and does not cause cavities or other serious health problems.

However, experts warn that dental whiteners can lead to skin irritation and irritations, which can cause problems with the mouth, face and eyes.

They also point out that toothpastemakers do not contain any artificial coloring.

The FDA has been trying to get the industry to make toothpaste less toxic.

In April, the agency released a list of ingredients that the agency believes are safe.

These include: hydroxypropylcellulose, xanthan gum, sorbitol, stearic acid, sodium starch sorbate, calcium pantothenate, sorbic acid and citric acid.

A list of the ingredients that are banned in the U.S. and Canada.

But some dentists are still hesitant to make their products.

Dr. Paul T. Fischbacher, the chief executive of American Dental Association, a dental group, told the AP that dentists need to do more to promote dental care.

“If there’s no data to support the whitening claims, then I think it’s time to ask a simple question: Are the claims true?

The answer is no, because no one has ever shown that whitening is effective or safe,” Fischblacher said.

“We need to take the position that no toothpaste should ever be used to clean your teeth.”

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