Why are you wearing glasses, and why are you doing this?

The 3D Whitening Technology has been around for a while, but it has only been available in China for a short time.

In China, it is a type of plastic used for making sunglasses.

But, thanks to a government crackdown in the country in 2014, the technology has come to the US, where it is being used to whiten the faces of young people in the US.

In addition to the potential for a cheaper, healthier option, the devices are also being used for facial whitening in the UK and Australia.

In the US and UK, the companies that make the 3D tooth whitening kits say that their products are safe and do not cause any harm.

But the Chinese dentists who manufacture them are concerned about the effects of the plastic on their patients’ teeth.

China has the highest rate of tooth decay in the world, and dentists there are worried about the effect the 3DR whitening could have on people’s teeth.

Chinese dentistry is also concerned about how the technology might affect people’s health.

In February, China banned toothpaste containing fluoride, which is used to clean the mouth, because of concerns about its effects on the human body.

The government has banned the sale of 3D whitening products in the past.

This month, a group of Chinese dentarians signed a petition against the toothpaste, claiming that it “causes serious health risks”.

In the petition, they said that fluoride can cause dental caries and other health problems in people who have fluoride allergies, which can include dental cariousness.

The Chinese dentist who wrote the petition said the tooth paste in question has been shown to cause dental cavities in mice.

However, in China, the tooth whitener has never been tested on humans, and so it is not clear how long the tooth cream would last in people’s mouths.

The tooth whiteners manufacturers in China have been using the technology to make toothpaste for a long time.

Earlier this year, China introduced a law to require dentists to use the technology in patients’ mouths, as well as a ban on dentistry-specific products.

A number of countries have also started banning 3D dental whitening on the grounds that it can cause serious health problems.

China, which already has the world’s highest rates of dental cariness and dental decay, is hoping that the technology will make dentists less cautious about the products they use.

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