Who’s better for your teeth whitener?

ESPN Crave readers are asking which brand of whitening products you should buy to improve your teeth, and whether they’re better for you in general. 

In a poll conducted by Vanity Fair and WENN, readers voted in their top three whitening choices based on how much they liked or disliked the product.

Here are the top three products in the poll, which was conducted before Whitening Science released a new whitening formula: L’Oréal’s Nip-A-Doo Eye Whitening cream (85%), Lumina’s Luxe Whitening Powder (71%) and Lumi’s Olivia Whitening Gel (66%).

The Vanna White Cream (69%) and L’Orèal’s “Luxe” Whitening Lotion (69%) also made the top five. 

The top four products, as you can see, are very similar to each other, but the brands differ in their ingredient lists and how much they’re charged for.

The most expensive products in our poll were L’Oreal’s Boreal  Powder (62%), COSRX’s AquaBlush  (61%), Revlon Pure Color  (58%) and Clinique Colorstay  (54%). 

The cheapest products in our poll were LUMINA’s Natural Bubble (49%), VANA WHITE (43%), CosRX Pure Essence (41%) and Clarins Nourishing Oil (40%).

While Natalie Besser made a splash when she appeared on the cover of Vogue last year with a selfie featuring her new whitenings, many people don’t realize the difference between the two products. 

Both L’Ocean and Nova make a clear silicone-based gel with a clear lid, which is then absorbed into the skin and helps whiten your teeth.

L’ORÉAL’s Dermablend™ is a gel made from gel-like materials and contains the same clear gel formula as Lumena’s ColorStay.

LUMINA’s Pure Cream is a gel-based whitening gel with clear, liquid-like material. 

But L’Aqua does a better job of making a gel that doesn’t absorb into the teeth, which means it doesn’t help whiten the teeth. 

And the only brands that make clear gel-free products are Cosrx PureEssence and Clarins Natural Remedies. 

“I would say that the most important thing is to buy products that are based on science,” said Liam Cray in an interview with VN Magazine.

“You need to make sure you’re using the right products that do the job. 

You need a gel, not a cream.” 

The Whitener Cosmetics and L’Orange Beauty Labels both have Lumsens Natural Whitening and Pure Essence, but there are few clear gel products on the market. 

I’ve been following the Luxury Beauty Label for the last year, and I can honestly say that its product offerings have been solid. 

Its Essential Whiteners and Natural Color Solutions are the only clear gel/gel/gel products on our list that we found to be very good for the tongue. 

Lumina’s Luxe Whitener is a clear gel based whitening gel that contains a clear liquid-like material to help blend the gel with the skin. 

Cosrox PureColor is an inorganic blender with a gel liner that can create a firm blush-like finish. 

Revlons Pure and CORE Lamphe Labs are both gel-less, but they do offer clear gel options that are very similar. 

Nail Polish Cosmetics has a gel-free white skin care formula that is more similar to the L’Aspen ColorCare Creme than to the Lumina Olive Skin Care Cremation Cleanser. 

Clinique Lavender Lift is an hydrating blending gel that is similar to the Essentials Natural and Bamboo Lifts. 

As I said, it depends on how you want to use it. 

It’s important to make sure you know what

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