When it comes to your whitening regimen, here’s how much you need to know

COLGATE has announced it’s the only whitening company to sell a whitening gel, and its new Advanced Whitening System is the first to sell directly to customers, at a $100 price tag.

The gel has an active ingredient that’s designed to break down the pigments in the hair of the affected hair, so it’s less likely to clog your pores, according to Colgate.

It’s also more efficient than the typical gel and leaves the hair healthier than regular hair, it said.

The new AdvancedWhitening System also comes in two sizes, which are more affordable and less messy than the standard gel, Colgate said.

“We believe that advanced technology and a natural product like Colgate Advanced Whitener will help our customers make their hair healthier and happier,” said Kimberly O’Connor, president of Colgate Brands, in a statement.

The company will also introduce a new $20, $40 and $60 gel that includes a mask and facial mask for $15 each.

The new $60, $70 and $80 gel are available now for women and men.

It’s the first time a product from a major company has been sold directly to consumers.

Colgate hasn’t announced pricing or a launch date yet, but its website says it will start selling its new gel at a later date.

“While Colgate may be new to the whitening world, we are excited to help our clients achieve the results they desire and have achieved with the Advanced Whiteners we offer,” said John Egan, senior vice president and general manager of Colgagel Brands.

The $40 Advanced Whitelayer is a whitener with a mask that can help remove any whiteheads and can also be used as a facial mask.

The Advanced Whitels are available in three sizes: 1.25 ounces for men and 1.5 ounces for women.

The gel is $40 for men, $45 for women, and the mask is $60 for men or $65 for women for men.

“The AdvancedWhitener has a unique, patented technology that allows for the rapid application of high-efficiency products to help achieve hair care benefits,” said Egan.

Colgate has been working with dermatologists to develop a treatment for skin cancer called the Advanced Dermatology of the Skin (ADOS) and is developing an additional treatment for the scalp called Advanced Dermal Therapy for Hair and Skin Cancer (ADTFSC).

Colgate said it plans to continue developing new products, such as the Advanced Skin Therapy for Facial Skin and Advanced Hair Treatment (AHT), which could have broader use in other parts of the world, such in the developing world.

“Our goal is to continue to expand our global reach,” Egan said.

Colgaga and AHT are based in the U.K., and it’s unclear whether they’ll sell directly in the United States.

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