What you need to know about colgate advanced whiteening tooth whitening

Colgate, which is developing a $1 billion technology for whitening teeth, said on Wednesday it has signed an agreement with Snapwhite to develop an advanced tooth whitener, with the company expected to release the technology within the next three months.

The tooth whiteners are intended to provide a quicker, more consistent and more economical whitening process than standard toothpastes and are also expected to offer improved safety.

Colgate has long been involved in the tooth whiten-up business, developing tooth whitened mouthwash, tooth whitensewing toothpaste and tooth whiteliner.

The company has recently ramped up its tooth whitewing business and recently launched its “super whitening” product, which it claims will deliver the highest whitening efficacy.

“The innovative Colgate Advanced Whitening Tooth Whitening Brush will offer the highest level of whitening effectiveness in a high-quality brush, providing the best experience for consumers,” the company said in a statement.

The Colgate tooth whiters will be available in a range of price ranges, ranging from $19.99 for an 800g bottle to $39.99 each for a 3.5-liter bottle.

Colabay is also working with Snap white, a Chinese company, to develop tooth whitifying toothpaste.

In February, Snapwhite said it was developing a tooth whitishing toothpaste that it said could be used on both dry and wet surfaces.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Snap white CEO Cheng Xu said the technology developed by Colgate was similar to that developed by the company, and that it was working with Colgate to make a toothpaste based on Colgate’s technology.

Colgalent has said it plans to launch its tooth Whitening brush by the end of 2017.

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