Video: Zimba Whitening strips make your skin look brighter and clearer

The new Zimbalas skin whitening strip is now available to purchase online and will be available for a limited time from November 29th.

The new strip is a unique strip which features the words Zimbaras logo and the Zimbas brand in bright blue letters.

The strips are available for around $60, but the brand itself costs $99.

The strips will be a popular product with Zimbazians who want to remove the blackness from their skin.

The strip has been designed to make the skin smoother and clearer.

It’s a product that is designed to work on the skin and will not remove the skin oil, but is supposed to be a gentle alternative to traditional products.

The company has also released a few videos about the new product and is hoping to make it more available.

Here’s one of the videos which explains the product in more detail:Zimba products are designed to help remove dark spots, dark spots and dark spots.

You can see in the video that there is a line on the strip which looks like a Zimbanis dot on the face.

The dot is a thin strip of white gel that is applied on the upper part of the face where the skin is thinner and where there is more light.

The gel also helps to help flush out any dark spots that are not visible under the skin.

This means that if you have darker areas of your face than you usually have, the product will help to soften up your skin.

Here is another video which shows the products effectiveness:The product is meant to be applied on to the skin in the morning and after shaving, the gel is then placed on the area which needs to be whitened and then the product is gently scrubbed off. 

Zimbara says that the product has been tested on over 100,000 people in India, and has been shown to remove around 90 per cent of dark spots on the forehead, face and chin.

The company has previously released a whitening cream and skin whitener, but it seems that this new product is supposed as a more affordable alternative to those products.

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