Tooth whitening apps have got a big new rival

If you’ve been thinking about whitening your teeth, you’re not alone.

But now there’s a tooth whitening application for the iPhone. 

The Bristol Beauty Tooth Cleaning App, which comes with a free trial, is the latest to join the long list of apps aimed at whitening the teeth. 

Its app is the brainchild of Sarah Silliman, a 30-year-old British makeup artist. 

Sarah says she wanted to create an app that was affordable, easy to use, and easy to get the right amount of whitening in your mouth.

“The app will give you the most complete whitening experience ever,” she says.

“It won’t just make your teeth look shiny and new. 

I think this is the biggest opportunity in a long time.” 

The app lets you add your own custom whitening recipe, and will automatically recommend whitening products that are good for your mouth to use.

Sarah’s app features a simple, one-touch interface with an extensive selection of brands that offer the same products for £0.99 a pop.

It also includes a variety of other tooth whiteners, so you can choose from various brands. 

“The more I’ve been working on this, I’ve realised there’s lots of different brands out there and there’s so many different ways to whiten your teeth,” Sarah says.

“We wanted to find the one that was the most affordable and easy for people to use.”

Sarah’s apps include Beauty and the Face, Creamy Face Mask, The Face Whitening Cream, Aqua Face Wash, Bamboo Toothbrush, Lily of the Valley, and Bolthouse, all of which are free. 

Other beauty and beauty and beauty apps include the Curl-o-Matic and the Cosmetic Beauty App. 

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