‘Tongue whitening’ ‘tongue cleaning’ tooth whitening products can help save lives

TONGUE WITTERING SWABBS, a product marketed to prevent cavities in children, are being offered to the public in a bid to prevent tooth decay.

The products, which are intended to remove plaque and debris from the teeth, are already being used to treat some cases of plaque and tooth decay, said Karen Koester, director of dental services at The Dentist.

“It’s just a natural way to manage plaque and prevent cavies in children.”

A study published in the Canadian Journal of Dentistry found that patients in Ontario who used one of the mouth whitening creams were up to two times more likely to have a positive outcome compared to those who did not use them.

A study in Canada found that people who used the mouth-cleansing product were more likely than people who did nothing to have fewer cavities, while a study in the U.K. found that after just one week of using a mouth whitener, people who were given it for five minutes each had twice as many cavities as those who had never used it.

Koeser said there is a lot of interest in the products, and that there is growing interest in making them available in schools and colleges.

“I think it’s important to have these products in schools to give kids a chance to see that they are able to do this, that they can achieve a better outcome,” she said.

The product is available at all major health-care centres and dental clinics across Ontario, with some schools also using the products as a way to teach the students how to treat tooth decay using the toothbrush.

Koeer said she hopes that as more people are able for the first time to use the products to treat their own tooth decay it will also encourage other health-conscious people to use them too.

She said the products are available to use in schools, hospitals and clinics and that students should see their dentist or dentist assistant to find out what to expect when using the product.

While the products were developed for children, Koesker said it’s possible that they could be used to help prevent cavions for adults too.

“There’s a lot more to dental care that is beyond just teeth whitener,” she told CBC News.

“The tooth whitener has a very powerful effect on our health and well-being.

It helps prevent cavitations in adults.”

The products can be purchased online and are currently only available for purchase at pharmacies.

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