The Tooth Whitening Project at the University of Florida

University of Southern Florida students are learning about a new program that’s using tooth whitening to improve the teeth of people with conditions that have a high rate of tooth decay.

The University of South Florida is working with Dr. Daniel Nissenbaum, director of the university’s Center for Dentistry, to launch a program to promote oral health by using a laser that’s a type of ion-beam therapy.

The laser is being developed by Dr. Nisses at the Center for Dental Innovation.

Dr. David C. Cairns is an associate professor of dental technology.

He is also an adjunct professor at the school.

The laser is currently being used at the South Florida campus.

Dr. Nisenbaum told The Huffington post that the laser is a technology that’s been around for years.

It’s a way of cutting the teeth that people with a lot of oral problems have.

He said the goal of the laser was to increase the ability of people to have more of a natural smile.

The University of Georgia also has a laser, but the laser uses less power.

Dr Nisserbach said the laser has been used in a number of other places in the U.S. to help reduce cavities.

He explained that it’s an effective treatment for people with gum disease.

The lasers work by stimulating cells in the jawbone that are responsible for tooth decay and reducing the amount of time it takes for tooth loss to occur.

People who have a condition that causes them to have cavities have to have a full dental procedure, which takes up to three weeks.

They also have to follow an oral hygiene regimen that includes brushing and flossing.

The treatment also involves applying an enamel-enhancing material, like titanium dioxide, to the surface of the tooth.

The program will be based at the campus’ dental building.

It will involve six dentists working at three locations: one in the dental school, two in the school of dentistry, and one at the medical school.

The goal is to see if the laser treatment is effective in improving oral health.

The program has already seen significant results.

The first patients who were enrolled had more good oral health outcomes, Dr. Cairs said.

Dr Cairs told The Huff Post that the center’s laser was able to remove about 80 percent of the plaque in a tooth by the end of the program.

Dr Cairs believes the laser can be used to help treat other types of oral health issues as well.

Dr Thomas A. Lee, a professor in the University’s School of Dentistry who has studied the effects of the lasers, said that there is still a lot to learn about the effects.

The goal is really to get to a point where we can say, ‘OK, maybe there’s something here,’ Lee said.

He also added that there are a number other problems that could benefit from using lasers, like oral inflammation.

Lee said that the University will be able to make a few adjustments to the program, but said that he doesn’t expect the laser to be the standard dental treatment.

He said that using a high-power laser can cause damage to the teeth.

He noted that people often don’t know what to do when they see it.

The research team has received funding from the National Institutes of Health.

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