teeth whitening atlanta


What is whitening?

Atlanta’s dentist is offering to whiten the teeth of anyone who is willing to take a video selfie with him.Dentists in the city say they are offering a free dental consultation for anyone who will take a selfie with...

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How to protect yourself from toothpaste whitening

The National Toothpaste Association says it is investigating claims of “serious violations” of the federal government’s toothpaste rules.The toothpaste maker says it took the complaints seriously and is “reviewing them” and “evaluating our compliance with the law.”The toothpaste makers...

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The Tooth Whitening Project at the University of Florida

University of Southern Florida students are learning about a new program that’s using tooth whitening to improve the teeth of people with conditions that have a high rate of tooth decay.The University of South Florida is working with Dr....

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Hawaii whitening product at Macy’s is made from ‘black dirt’

The Hawaii Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is making it easier for Hawaii residents to whiten their teeth with a product made from “black dirt.”The agency said Thursday it’s launching a new whitening products line, which includes...

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