opalescence whitening toothpaste


How does whitening work?

A toothpaste containing nanoparticles has been shown to whiten teeth by reducing the growth of bacteria.Researchers have shown the product works by reducing plaque.They say it could be used in other settings as well.Nano particles are small, white particles...

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Dry out

How to make a waterpik toothpaste with coconut oil and coconut milk for $3.99

You can buy a water pik toothpastes online for $6.99 and they can be used for $2.99 per bottle, but if you have a couple of coconut milk teeth, you can get one for $1.99, according to the brand. These...

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Hand cream

When the teeth whiten: Zimba Whitening Treatment

Posted September 06, 2018 05:02:07 AUSTIN, Texas — Zimbas are the newest product in a rapidly evolving toothpaste line.Zimba’s toothpaste is designed to help whiten teeth, but it has also been marketed as a treatment for acne.Zimbabys toothpaste was...

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