healthy teeth whitening

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How to get rid of whitening in your teeth

You probably won’t need to buy a new toothpaste every day for a few years, but as the years go by and the need to whiten your teeth increases, it’s important to get it done regularly to maintain your...

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How to clean up your teeth after brushing

After a hard day of brushing and a heavy dose of fluoride, you may need to get up from your chair and get some serious cleaning done.Here are 10 tips for taking care of your teeth.1.Brush your teeth regularly...

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Why You Should Be Watching ‘The Blacklist’ (and Why It Matters)

It was a long shot to win over people who hated you or who believed you were evil.But now it’s a real possibility, and you might have to face a lot more people who actually love you.We caught up...

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Crossword puzzle: How to identify a healthier tooth

The Times Of India has asked readers to help its online community identify a healthy tooth that can be whitened and washed. A series of puzzles has been created for the readers to solve. The puzzles, which range from simple to...

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How to whiten your teeth and prevent tooth decay

The whitening of your teeth is a great way to keep your teeth healthy.However, it can also be a great source of stress, especially if you have a sensitive tooth.Whitening your teeth will help prevent your tooth decay and...

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