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Lumineux Whitening Products: Best Products to Help Improve Your White Hair

Luminex whitening products are made by a small company that was started in the USA in 1971.These products are highly concentrated, meaning that the amount of whitening ingredients in each product varies from a single product to a large...

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When should you wear a mask?

When the sun is shining, I often wear a black mask for protection from the sun.But for the first few days of winter, I usually don’t wear a white mask.It may not be as effective, and I have noticed...

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Why the FDA needs to rethink the tooth whitening industry

Experts warn that the FDA has a moral obligation to change its policies to make dentists more transparent about their practices, but the agency seems to have fallen short.In a letter to dentists, the FDA said it has received...

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When does tooth whitening last?

Whitening teeth can last for as long as 30 years, according to the UK’s leading dentist.Dr Joanne Cossington, who runs the Whitening and Prevention Program, told BBC News that it’s not long-term dentistry that is responsible for this.“It is...

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How to Make Your Eyes Brighten with Eye Cream from Korean Whitening Cream

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on eye makeup to get your eyes brightened.But what if you’re struggling with dark circles or blemishes, and your eyes aren’t getting the brightening treatment they should?If you’re suffering from blemish...

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Why you should be wearing a mask when you’re on a date

It may not seem like it, but the last time you took a facial scrub or took a shower it was your own face.And what was the last thing you were told about what you were wearing when you...

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