New Zealand has one of the cheapest whitening treatments for underarms

Kiwi whitening treats are usually around $1.50 per treatment, but the country is also seeing the cheapest underarms whitening in the world, according to research.

It comes as researchers at the National Health Institute (NHI) and the University of Auckland have published results of a study looking at the costs and effectiveness of the Kiwi Whitening Treatment (KWT).KWT is a patented skin whitening and facial rejuvenation treatment which is developed by New Zealand cosmetics giant Lancôme and is available at most health food stores and supermarkets.

KWT claims to have a 10 per cent effective rate of skin regeneration, which means it is much cheaper than the world’s best-known treatments.

According to NHI, the KWT costs about $1 per treatment.

The study found that Kiwi White Treatment had a 25 per cent reduction in the number of skin biopsies performed, a 24 per cent decrease in the amount of collagen in the skin, and a 17 per cent drop in the size of the biopsied area.

This was a huge improvement from previous research which had shown the KWM had a 5 per cent rate of success.

Researchers at the NHI and the Auckland University of Technology also found that the KWT has fewer side effects than the other two treatments, including the skin becoming soft and the skin being less sensitive.

“The Kiwi treatment is less expensive than the Lancômes, but has fewer risks,” NHI research scientist Dr John Turturro said.

While the KWB treatment is only available for under arms, it is being used in other parts of the world.

Research by the University and New Zealand Food and Drug Administration (NZFDA) showed Kiwi Whites have a similar effectiveness to a standard facial whitening cream.

They also had lower costs per treatment than standard treatments.

“The cost per treatment is about the same for both treatments, which is a big difference,” Dr Turture said.

“But it is still a good deal compared to other treatments.”

He said the results of the study showed Kiwis were using KiwiWhitener treatments less than other people, so Kiwis are spending less on treatments.

Kiwi White treatments are usually bought in large packs of five, which can cost as much as $50.

To make the treatments cheaper, Kiwi Health has recently introduced a discount for Kiwi whites, which reduces the price to $25 per treatment for up to three treatments.

Ngāi Tāwha-Waihirā Hospital, which runs the Auckland Clinic for the Treatment of Underarm Whitening, said KiwiWhite treatments were proving effective.

There were no adverse effects reported in any of the patients who received the treatments, Ngāi said.KWT was developed by Lancômas, which was also behind the Face Whitening Cream.

Dr Turturo said Kiwis who wanted to buy Kiwi products had to buy a Lancôma product and use the Kiwis Whitening product.

“They can then use their Kiwi product in the Face Wash and use it in the Facial Wash as well,” he said.

“That is the way KiwiWhites are being used.

They are a very simple and effective way of using Kiwis.”

Dr Ngāo Taitu, the manager of the Auckland clinic, said there were some Kiwis in the clinic who had tried Kiwi treatments and were not happy with the results.

He said Kiwisthe treatment was “very successful” and had helped people to get rid of wrinkles and acne.

“We would love to see KiwiWHITENERS more widely available in Australia and New South Wales,” he added.

Ngai said Kiwian Whitening treatments were a cost-effective option for people with underarms.

If you or anyone you know needs to be treated for underarm whiteness or face whitening, call 1-800-227-2928.

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