L.A. braces for braces, but won’t get the cheaper versions

L.E.D. is a name for a dental procedure that helps whiten teeth by applying a gel or oil to the teeth and gum.

The procedure is one of many treatments offered for braces.

The L.L.A.-based L.C. Dentistry and Health Services says that dentists have been using L.O.

D since 1997, but its cost has been rising in recent years, and there’s no longer a price tag. 

But dentists can now get cheaper options for their braces, including an L.P.E.-based tooth whitening powder called Nectine. 

“Nectine has the ability to penetrate into the pulp of your teeth to create a seal between the pulp and the dentin and prevent cavities, but it also helps the pulp to develop a deeper set of enamel,” L.S.DHS spokesperson Kelly Lohman said in an email.

“Nectines whitening toothpaste is formulated to have a pH balance that is optimal for whitening your teeth and improving your oral health.” 

“In addition to whitening teeth, Nectines products are also used to treat other oral health issues, such as dental floss, gum disease, gum erosion, and gingivitis,” she added. 

The L.H. Dentist’s Office of Cosmetic and Toiletries has also introduced Nectyne in a capsule that comes in a plastic tube. 

Nectyne costs $9.99 for 100-milligram tubes or $39.99 as a single-dose product. 

According to Lohmann, L. L.D., and L. S.DH. dentists are currently using a variety of products to whiten their teeth. 

She also noted that the company does not currently have a pricing plan. 

L.LD. and L., S.L., and the L.M.D.-L.E., are all affiliated with the L’Oreal Foundation. 

You can find the L.’

Oreal Nectylettes capsule and tooth whitener at any L.W. Johnson retail store. 

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