Irish dentist says ‘white teeth’ may not be worth $30,000

Irish dentist John Gronk has suggested that whitening may not help people whiten their teeth.

In an interview with The Irish Mail on Sunday, Gronks partner at the prestigious Glyn Dene Hospital in Dublin, Dr Richard McKeown, said that “white teeth” were a “fantasy” and suggested that the dentist could “sell you a whole series of whitening products”.

He said the white teeth whitened people’s teeth but would not be a cure for tooth decay.

“If you are not whitening your teeth, you will not be able to whiten your teeth,” Dr Gronkins partner Dr RichardMcKeown told the newspaper.

“I have a lot of patients who have white teeth.

They can be treated very easily.

The only problem is if you have very heavy whitening of your teeth you may not get a good result,” he said.”

And if you are going to have the problem of decay, you are also going to be spending a lot more time in the dentist’s chair than if you had just a normal tooth.”

You need to have a good toothbrush, you need to clean your teeth.

It is not just white teeth, white teeth can be dull and it is a problem with your teeth if you can’t get the right toothbrush.

“Dr Gronkin also said that dentists had to “treat people as they are”.”

Dentists are not supposed to be telling people what to do or what not to do,” he told the Irish Mail.”

We are not the health professionals that are supposed to say to people, ‘Go do your whitening’.

“Dr Gronsons partner, Dr McKeyns said that the problem was that “it is a personal decision”.”

It is up to the individual and it depends on the person’s age, the quality of the white tooth, how much weight they are carrying,” he explained.”

The more white teeth they have, the better.

But that is a matter for the individual dentist.

“Dr McKeyna told The Irish Sun that “the more teeth you have, and the more weight you have in your mouth, the more likely you are to have dental problems”.”

It takes a lot longer to get the whitening job done than to get it done without a problem.””

I do have to say the longer you hold your teeth in a straight position, the easier it is.

It takes a lot longer to get the whitening job done than to get it done without a problem.”

The Irish Mail asked Dr Gronsk for his views on the issue.

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