How to save the eyes from eye-bleaching whitening

By ZHAIING QIU/Associated PressA Chinese brand has developed a whitening serum that uses a gel that coats the surface of the eye.

The brand is the first in the world to offer a gel to help protect the eye’s surface from becoming too sensitive.

A Chinese firm, Opalescence Whitening, said it developed its first whitening powder at a facility in Wuhan in southwestern China’s Hubei province.

The serum is priced at 6,000 yuan ($80) a dosage, and the product is to be released next month in China, according to a statement on the company’s website.

It comes in two different sizes: a 12-ml and a 60-ml size, the company said.

The company said the gel is applied to the eye in three stages, depending on the depth of the damage and the thickness of the skin.

The product, which the company calls Opalescenting Whitening Gel, uses an innovative, patented process that takes two months to create.

“This technology will be very popular with the cosmetic industry,” Opalescement Whitening president and chief scientific officer Feng Zhang said in a statement.

“We are very proud to be the first company to offer this product to the general public.”

The product is similar to those offered by brands like Dr. Bronner’s and Ulta Beauty.

It is available in various sizes, including a 24-ml tube, and is priced between 6,800 yuan and 9,400 yuan ($112-$158).

A company spokesman said that while Opalescale Whitening is not the first to offer the gel, it is the largest to offer it.

He said the company has sold 1.6 million of the products to date.

“The market for this gel is extremely large and growing rapidly,” Zhang said.

“The market is expected to grow to nearly 10 million units per month by 2020.”

The Chinese market for whitening products is extremely small.

About 70% of Chinese adults have not used a product like this in the past year, according the Ministry of Health.

According to Chinese health officials, about 70% to 90% of people in China do not use a whitener.

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