How to make your facial hair appear more natural

What do you do when your facial skin looks like you’ve been hit with a busload of pepper spray?

It’s no secret that pepper spray is an irritant to your skin, so what do you put in your spray to make it less irritating?

You might just use a white mask.

But what if you can’t get away with using a mask to whiten your skin? 

You might want to check out these facial whitening kits, which come with a variety of masks and creams that whiten and protect your skin.1. 

Face Mask 1 by CVSWhitening (CVS)  $25, CVS This is the best mask you can buy to get rid of your white facial hair. 

It has the perfect amount of moisturizer, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredients to help remove dead skin cells and prevent new ones from forming. 

2. Skin Mask  by Face and Body Products (BBP) $27, BBP This mask has been in development for a while and will help you whiten, protect and hydrate your skin with a combination of antioxidants and hydrating vitamins and minerals. 


Tissue Mask by Crop Protection (TMP) (Nestle)  $24, Nestle This black mask is the perfect addition to your facial care routine. 

Its super hydrators, a vitamin-rich moisturizer and a serum-rich formula help make your skin feel more smooth.4. 

Lip Balm by The Body Shop (Bayer) ($8, Bayer)The lip balm is a super-hydrating blend that includes vitamin E, vitamin B5 and vitamin C. 5. 

Dermabrasion by Wet Naturals (Gillis)  $30, Gillis This gel contains vitamins C, E, K, PHA and Biotin. 


Eyeshadow Cream by Mizon (Mizon)  ($7, Mizon)The face cream is perfect for oily skin. 

 It contains vitamin E and vitamin B6, which will help whiten skin and protect the eyes. 


Hair Blend by Mizon ($7, Mulani) This facial wash contains Vitamin A, E and Vitamin C.8. 

Hydrating Eye Cream by GWP (GWP) Cells in the skin make it dry and sensitive. 

This serum contains Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3.9. Eye Cream by GWP (Glossier) These face masks contain Vitamins A, C, C10 and E. 10. 

Glitter Mask by BHLDN (Blush) Ingredients include Vitamin A and C12, Vitex, Aquafaba and Amino Acids. 


Mermaid by Revlon (Revlon) Makeup artist Joanna Hirst has been using the mermaid formula since the 1990s. 

She created a series of masks that include a white face mask, an eye mask and a tinted lip mask. 


Nail Polish by MAC (MAC) You know what is super awesome about nail polish? 

It’s super easy to clean up with this powder-free collection. 


Natural Hair Mask (L’Oreal) For natural hair, you need a mask that contains foliar to help prevent the growth of dead skin and also helps to moisturize. 


Eyeliner by Urban Decay (Urban Decay) When you’re working on your perfect brows, it’s best to use a mask made with products like Dolce & Mocha. 


Make Up of The Week (Walgreens) With this product, you can get rid of your natural blemishes. 


Shampoo by Dove (Dove) Includes a biochar and superfood in beneficial to your skin and hair and it will help you look your best. 


Soothing Shower Mist by Kiehl’s (Kiehl) What does this shampoo do? 

Its formulated to help cleanse the skin of any oxidant and to remove dirt, dead skin skin cells, and dirt from your scalp. 


Cleansing Mask By Nest

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