How to Make Pola Whitening Look and Feel Great on Your Skin

How to Apply Pola whitener on your skin.

The pola is a mineral, made up of magnesium oxide and zinc oxide.

It’s found in the leaves of the plant, pomegranate, and in certain vegetables such as cauliflower and carrots.

It helps protect skin from free radical damage and irritation.

It can be used as an emollient to soften skin and help soften wrinkles.

Here are some tips for applying pola to your skin: Apply your hands lightly.

Use your fingertips to pat the pola on the skin to help it stick to the skin.

Apply the polas moisturizing power with your fingertips.

Place your fingers in the polarax to create a “vacuum” of the product.

Apply a thin layer on top of your skin with a finger.

Rub the polish into the skin with your thumb or forefinger to get a “poo” on the surface.

If you have a very dry or sensitive skin, you may need to apply the polish over a thin coat with a hand-held hand dryer to help reduce irritation.

The amount of pola you apply can vary.

If the product is too thick, you might need to add a small amount to your cream.

It may be worth it to add extra polish for your first application to give the product a better finish.

If pola powder is not your thing, you can add it to your usual daily moisturizer to keep your skin looking hydrated.

Use a liquid or cream cleanser or lotion to remove excess polish from your skin and prevent irritation.

Apply it with your fingers to get the most out of the polamax.

To remove polish, pat it off with your finger.

To prevent irritation, use the polai to rub on your dry, irritated skin.

For more information on the use of polai, read our tips for pola.

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