How to clean up your teeth after brushing

After a hard day of brushing and a heavy dose of fluoride, you may need to get up from your chair and get some serious cleaning done.

Here are 10 tips for taking care of your teeth.


Brush your teeth regularly for at least five minutes each day.

If you brush a lot, you’ll want to keep brushing for at most a minute or two every 30 seconds.


Avoid brushing while standing.

Sitting and walking around the house for a couple of minutes every two or three days will help you get your teeth ready to get cleaned.


Brush every day.

Your mouth will naturally become more sensitive over time as you age and will need more frequent brushing.

If brushing every day is too much of a hassle, try a daily brushing schedule.


Avoid chewing on your teeth while brushing.

While chewing on the inside of your mouth may help to keep the plaque and plaque particles out, you don’t want to eat too much or swallow too much.


Clean your teeth before you go to bed.

The best way to do this is to rinse your mouth in hot water for at an hour before you start sleeping.

It’s a good idea to rinse the toothbrush thoroughly with water.

This will help remove the plaque that may be trapped on the bristles.


Do your daily brushing at night.

You may want to get a little bit more of a buzz going during the day.

Try a toothbrush that has a brush attachment.

If it’s not your style, try the traditional toothbrush attachment.


Clean with your mouth after brushing.

This is important.

Your teeth will need to be cleaned as part of your daily routine.

If your mouth is feeling dry and itchy, you should use your hand to clean it. 8.

Keep a toothbrushes at hand when brushing your teeth if you are using one.

This helps to ensure you don.t accidentally brush against something.


If at any time your mouth feels dry and sticky, you can rinse it with cold water.


Use a toothpaste if possible.

Using a tooth paste with fluoride can help to remove the excess plaque that can make your teeth feel sticky.

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