Crossword puzzle: How to identify a healthier tooth

The Times Of India has asked readers to help its online community identify a healthy tooth that can be whitened and washed. 

A series of puzzles has been created for the readers to solve. 

The puzzles, which range from simple to complex, are part of a campaign to get people to look for tooth whitening solutions.

The Times asked readers who have tried tooth whiteners to share their experiences and suggestions.

“A lot of the solutions have been quite simple, but there are solutions that are more complex,” said Anurag Agrawal, head of the community and community engagement programme for the Times.

“For example, the tooth whitener used by many in the United States is a gel made from the saliva and used for brushing, and is a ‘whitening’ toothpaste that has a small amount of mineral particles, which can be absorbed by the teeth.”

The solution is to apply a thin layer of mineral powder to the inside of the brush and then rinse.

You can use this to make a paste, but it has a bad smell,” he said.

The gel toothpastes did not leave a whitening effect,” said a reader named Akshay, who has tried a number of tooth whitensers.””

I have tried some of these tooth whiteners and they were not really very good for my teeth.

The gel toothpastes did not leave a whitening effect,” said a reader named Akshay, who has tried a number of tooth whitensers.”

When I tried the toothpaste I was not able to remove the mineral particles and I could not see any difference.

There was also no difference in my mouth, even after drinking tea,” he added.

The newspaper is encouraging readers to share the results and to post the results to its Facebook page.

“People should be looking for solutions that will work for them,” said Arvind Datta, general manager of the Times of Indian website. 

This is the first time a major Indian newspaper has asked its readers to identify healthy teeth. 

In 2016, the Times launched a health and wellness campaign that was aimed at encouraging people to seek the advice of healthcare professionals. 

According to the Times, there are more than 60 million Indians in India. 

Read the full article at  The Times

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