Colgate whitens your teeth

Colgate, the top brand in the U.S., is selling its latest whitening product for $100.

The new product, the Colgate Cola Whitening Toothpaste, is available for $30.

The Colgate Toothpaste is the company’s newest product.

Colgate’s Toothpaste uses an organic toothpaste and is manufactured by the company with the help of a dental hygienist.

It’s meant to treat whitening issues like tooth decay and plaque build-up.

The Colgate toothpaste comes in two flavors, a white and a black color.

In its whitening version, the toothpaste contains the same ingredients as the Colgals own toothpaste.

But the Cola Toothpaste contains vitamins and minerals to help prevent tooth decay, and it also contains a blend of vitamins and nutrients that are designed to keep your teeth healthy.

The whitening Toothpastes also contains fluoride.

There are two different toothpaste formulas for Colgate.

The white version contains about 30 percent of the toothfill and water content of the Colgas regular toothpaste as well as calcium and vitamin C. The black version contains only about 10 percent of Colgate regular toothfill as well.

The toothpaste is also made with natural ingredients like avocado, garlic, and herbs.

However, the black version has an ingredient called “florantic acid” which can cause the toothbrush bristles to peel off the teeth if you’re not careful.

To use the Colgo Toothpaste on your teeth, the only thing you need to do is put the tooth brush into a bowl and place the toothbrushes bristles into the bowl.

You’ll need to brush your teeth with the toothpastes bristles for 10 minutes.

After that, you can use the tooth brushes bristles on the teeth and let them sit for about 30 minutes.

It takes a while to use the products toothpaste because it needs to get your teeth clean and healthy.

Once your toothbrush brush bristles have dried, you should be able to brush them out with the bristles.

But, as long as you follow the directions and follow the instructions carefully, you shouldn’t have any problems.