A few years ago, whitening cream helped to keep the measles outbreak at bay

The last two years have been marked by unprecedented outbreaks of measles, the most serious of which is believed to have killed more than 10,000 people.

And the new outbreaks have prompted some to question whether we can rely on the simple, natural product that whitens skin and cleanses the scalp without harming the immune system.

In recent months, some scientists have also suggested that the natural products could have an effect on the immune systems of the population. 

The debate over whether natural whitening products are effective in reducing the spread of the virus has been going on for years.

But it is now gaining steam because of a new study that found a correlation between how quickly people were getting vaccinated and the likelihood of developing an immune response.

The study found that people who were vaccinated early were more likely to develop a response to the virus, which suggests that they might not have been able to get enough to start the virus’s spread, or even if they had.

The results are a reminder that it is not enough to simply have a vaccine, says lead author of the study, David T. Buell, a researcher at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

We also need to be prepared, he says.

“If we don’t prepare for the fact that we may have a more resistant population and we have a higher rate of infection, then we will not be able to control it.”

The study was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

The authors said their study was based on a study of about 100 people in the U.S. who had been vaccinated for measles and who had not developed any type of reaction to the vaccine.

They found that the rate of a response was about 1.5 times higher in those who had received their first dose of the vaccine in the past two weeks compared with those who did not.

That meant that, if the vaccine had been effective, the response would have been 10 times greater among people who had never been vaccinated. 

In addition to finding that people were more able to develop an immune reaction to a natural product than a vaccine that was not effective, this study also found that there was a significant correlation between the amount of the product people used to wash their hands and their likelihood of contracting measles.

People who used more of a cleanser, such as baking soda or water, were about 3.5 percent more likely than those who used a water rinse, a condition that typically causes a water-based cleanser to be more effective than the same cleanser containing soap. 

Scientists said that while there was some evidence that natural products might reduce the risk of contracting the virus in the long run, more research is needed to see if they are effective against other forms of the disease.

And they also said that there is currently no way to monitor people’s immune response to a product for longer than a few weeks.

“This study doesn’t provide a definitive answer on the efficacy of natural products for preventing transmission of measles or any other infectious disease,” Dr. Richard A. Fiebig, a dermatologist at the National Institutes of Health, told Healthline.

“But it does provide a clear message about the need to carefully select natural products to avoid infections and to minimize the risk to people who have already had the disease.”

The authors stressed that there are many natural products that have been tested and found to be effective, but they did not offer a specific recommendation on which ones to avoid.

“If you use one of these products, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after use,” the authors wrote.

“Some people find it helpful to apply a small amount of water-soluble anti-bacterial soap, which can be made from alcohol or a similar natural substance, to your hands.”

SOURCE: National Review, “The New York Times’ Top 10 Mistakes on Vaccines” (November 13, 2018)

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