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How to whiten teeth with a lumineaux tooth whitening tube

Whitening your teeth with luminescent tooth whiteners can help prevent cavities, according to a new study.The researchers found that lumineras are the best choice for those with whitening problems, although they have limitations.“They are not perfect, but they do...

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Korean skin whitener gel can help prevent wrinkles

An Asian-owned grocery store in the U.S. says it has made a Korean skin cream that helps prevent wrinkles, especially in older Asian women.The product, called K-Skin Whitening Gel, is sold under the brand name OPI, which stands for...

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Crossword puzzle: How to identify a healthier tooth

The Times Of India has asked readers to help its online community identify a healthy tooth that can be whitened and washed. A series of puzzles has been created for the readers to solve. The puzzles, which range from simple to...

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